King Sark Now Speaks About #FixTheCountry After Some Days

King Sark is popular Ghanaian award winning musician who is also called Sarkodie. Has finally speaks on #FixTheCountry which goes viral on social media, the ‘No Fugazy’ hitmaker has write it down he supports both #fixthecountry and #fixyourself movements, Sarkodie is not yet ready response someone to pick a side.

According to King Sark, the biggest onus is on the government to fix the country first and the people will be okay, but the very fact he mentions his support for fix yourself tells us he’s not willing to choose a side.

Just like all these celebrities, King Sark is trying to be smart about the whole situation, ditching his fans when they need him most. Below is King Sark reaction about #fixthecountry and #fixyourself or visit for more stories.


Written by Kwesi Na Andoh

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