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Meet Obronni Kofi Asante, the British man who speaks Twi like He is From Kumasi

Meet Obronni Kofi Asante, the British man who speaks Twi like He is From Kumasi

One-on-one interview with Kofi Asante with some Ghanaians he revealed thta, he lived in Ghana for a couple of years until he left the country arround 1987 and 1988. During his time in Ghana, he learned some of the local languages in the country including Twi, Fantse, Ewe and other languages.

Kofi Asante was asked why he can still speak the Twi language ahead of the other languages so well even after leaving the country in about some many years ago, he replied he has studied that every Ghanaian one way of the other can speak and understand the Twi language which motivated him to speak Twi with every Ghanaian he comes across on the streets of London.

According to Kofi Asante, After leaving Ghana in 1988 for London, Obronni Kofi Asante in a conversation with some Ghanaians on a London bus revealed that he was at Kwadaso in the Ashanti Region and He really love to stay in Ghana, the culture and the people.

The fascinating thing about Obronni Kofi Asante is not only how Ghanaian he looked by his dressing but also how flawless he spoke the Twi even after leaving the shores of Ghana about 33 years ago.

In the video sighted by Newera360, Obronni Kofi Asante confirms his identity, interacts with other Ghanaians and leave them in awe of his Twi speaking abilities….not only that, his communication skills will stun you.

SOURCES: Atinkanews 

Written by Kwesi Na Andoh

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