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This is why Twene Jonas is trending on social media

In the past couple of months, have you heard someone say “Didi Free”, “Glass Nkoaa”, “24/7 The System is Working” in a casual conversation or even used in a social media post?

Well, then that person is using borrowed popular phrases from Twene Jonas, a Ghanaian who is currently living in the United States of America.

Twene Jonas. Photo credit: Twene Jonas/Instagram.
Twene is a musician and artiste manager who also makes films.

He is the CEO and founder of the Royal Jonas Films, and a record label called AGM Records.

His record label handles his music business which also includes shooting music videos and managing celebrities.

However, it is not his business acumen or his filmmaking ability that has made him the talk of the town.

It is his controversial videos in which he calls out Ghanaians political and traditional leaders for their supposed failures in solving certain problems in the country.

Twene Jonas has been particularly passionate about ‘galamsey’ (illegal mining) and its effects on water bodies as well as the deplorable conditions of the education system in certain parts of the country.

He has been releasing videos comparing America to Ghana and sending out a few choice words to the people in government for their inability to improve the country to the standards of people living in America.

However, he has gained more notoriety after he turned his attention to traditional leaders.

Twene Jonas. Photo credit: Twene Jonas/Instagram
In one video, he called out Otumfuo, the Ga Mantse, and other high profile chiefs in the country for their contribution to the underdevelopment of the country.

He also called them out for allowing illegal mining to destroy the land and water bodies located in the lands they are supposed to be looking after.

When that video went viral some traditional chiefs and their elders reportedly held a spiritual session to invoke curses on him.

However, Twene remains unbothered and he has hasn’t stopped calling them out.


Written by Kwesi Na Andoh

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